U nicorns are the hottest thing right now. Not just in my estimation, but according to The Wall Street Journal (so this is obviously legitimate). According to them, 2015 is The Year of the Unicorn. They even have a video segment about all of the unicorn toys that are coming out this year.

(Not to brag or anything, but wayyyyy back in 2014, I did a post about The Unicorn of Wonder. Am I some sort of prophet? Trendsetter? Soothsayer? I’ll let you be the judge.)

Unicorns deserve all of this press right now, because they are wonderful. The very idea of them brings magic into the world and I am ALL FOR THAT.

Last year, I was visiting San Francisco and ventured into FLAX Art and Design – the most wonderful art supply store that has ever existed. There, I saw a letterpress card that I almost died over. Why? Because it had a unicorn on it. It’s been on my mind ever since and this whole unicorn craze had me yearning to turn the image into some folk-art…

Unicorns are just great. They really are. However, I understand that you are likely over the age of 10 and may not be running out to your nearest toy store to snap up a unicorn backpack to replace your leather bag no matter what the Wall Street Journal says. What if we didn’t go buy the unicorns, though? What if we were the unicorns?

See, unicorns can inspire and delight us, but we don’t have to leave all the magic up to them. (Seeing as they are primarily inanimate objects such as lunch boxes and plush toys, I certainly HOPE we aren’t counting on them to bring the magic…but if you’re 5 and your mom is reading this to you then just disregard that entire little rant. Go play outside! You might see a unicorn!) For the rest of us, though…we can BE THE UNICORNS.

And you guys – I actually already know a real life unicorn. Last Thursday, Bobby walked through the door carrying TWO DOZEN roses. It had been a long and solitary day for me. I had been by myself for 15 hours by the time he finally got home. I had kept the pity party committee at bay, but just barely.

Are you ready for the biggest twist, though? The roses weren’t from Bobby. He’s not the unicorn in this story. The roses were from one of the golf instructors, Patricia, who teaches at the golf school where Bobby is an assistant. Only two of the assistants at the school are married – Bobby and another guy – and Patricia had brought in these overflowing bunches of roses with instructions to “give these to your wives tonight.” She said she realized how much we are sacrificing when it comes to the long hours our husbands are working, the stress that comes with their jobs, being in a new city. So she wanted us to have these gorgeous roses. Patricia is a real life unicorn!

I honestly could have cried. I had met Patricia a grand total of one time and she had just gifted me 24 perfect roses. I felt like she SAW me. She reached into my solitary, lonely, quiet day and SAW me, recognized me. THAT, my friends, is bringing some serious magic into the world. THAT is what it means to be a unicorn.

What if we all resolved to be unicorns this week? What if we all made a silent promise to reach out to someone and let them know they matter? What if we all did some random act of kindness for the weary mother riding the bus or the gas station attendant who has been on his feet all day? (I think it’s worth mentioning this all would probably be way more fun if we were to commit these random acts of kindness while prancing around wearing sparkly horns on our heads. But if the group isn’t feeling up to that yet, we can be incognito unicorns. It will be like we’re in the Unicorn CIA.)

“And so shines a good deed in a weary world.”
-Willy Wonka

What are your favorite small kindnesses to do for others or of which you have been the recipient? Let us all know in the comments so we can get the ideas flowing!

Fellow unicorns, thanks for reading today. Now let’s get this party started and make this world a little more magical for one another.