O ne of my favorite bloggers, Elise Blaha, made this print that says, “Magic is something you make.” I bought it the second she had it for sale because it’s so true. There can be magic in our days but sometimes we have to go out and make it. So it is with lunch sandwiches.

From the get-go when we came to Miami, I promised Bobby that one of the ways I would show him love was preparing his breakfast and lunch every day (or the day before, really, so it’s waiting in the fridge and ready to go for his early wake-up). It frees up an extra 20 minutes for him, which is like gold considering the busy days he has.

 I could just wrap Bobby’s turkey sandwich every night and call it good. Or I could take an extra 30 seconds and draw a folk-art masterpiece of burning love on the tinfoil. You can see which route I think is superior.

Turns out that aluminum foil is the perfect folk-art canvas. (Don’t worry, fellow earth lovers, I’m on the look-out for a good sandwich tupperware. Then these drawings may have to migrate on to post-its.)

Magic. It’s something you make…and in those relationships that I clutch tightest, I want to always be adding as much as I possibly can.

Don’t let my skillz intimate you – if you have a pen/marker/tube of lipstick and a piece of tinfoil or a post-it – you can do this too for whomever is in your life (well, perhaps don’t try the lipstick on the tinfoil). Or maybe you’re adding magic in other ways – in which case I’d love to hear all about it!

Your favorite sandwich art? 3…2…1…GO!