T he time has come for Bobby and me to move back up to Vermont! We did our official walk-through with our landlord yesterday and then hit the road. The last 24 hours in Miami were madness, per usual, and I think I muttered, “I hate moving” about one hundred and five times throughout the course of the day.

Basically, I realize that we have a lot of angels who are making SURE we don’t get too comfortable and fall asleep and miss our life. Like, we’ve been given a full security detail of angels and they are dead set on this. Our angels come in the form of storage units and road trips.

Yes, it will be beyond lovely someday to settle for somewhere for longer than 6 months. (I think our angels will agree that we’ve earned it at some point.) But in the meantime, there are huge, gracious gifts of living life like this and I’m doing my best to soak them all in…like the fact that we just got to experience a tropical winter in Miami, this road trip I get to take with the love of my life over these coming days, and the thrill of making it back to Vermont, one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever come across.

So, while we undertake this move, the blog will be on hiatus – but I’ll certainly be popping onto Instagram, so come join the party over there in the meantime! See you in three weeks! :)