G  iving little, thoughtful gifts is one of my favorite things. A couple of years ago, I stumbled on to these things called “Aqua Love Notes.” “What?!” I thought. “This is preposterous! A pad of paper in the shower?!? Too good to be true.”

But here’s the stunning reality: this miracle of an invention is, indeed, legit.

I bought two of the notepads and gifted them to Bobby. When we lived in New Orleans, we only had one of the pads up and had the other tucked away as back-up. When the spirit moved us, we would leave notes for each other.

The love notes make appearances during big life transitions – like this one from Bobby when we got a puppy…

Or when one of us is leaving on a trip…

*One spring, Bobby left for a month to work the Masters Tournament. As a surprise, he had filled in one shower love note for every day he’d be away. On days when my heart was ache-y that he was gone, I SO looked forward to peeling away the previous day’s note during my shower and seeing what words he had left for me.

Sometimes the notes focus on those non-consequential crucial details, and deal with life-shattering stuff like bath sponges:

This summer, we decided to get really wild and pulled both notepads out so that we could have conversations on them and leave notes for each other at the same time. Mind blowing, I know.

We’re getting towards the last few pages on both pads, so I’ll be ordering more soon to keep this good thing going. If you’d like to join in the fun, you can find them here. (P.S. I’m not getting any kick-back from that link, we just endorse these whole-heartedly!)

What is that you say? You don’t have anyone with whom to exchange shower love notes? Have no fear, I’ve already brainstormed around that one…

If you have roommates, maybe you can start leaving little bits of shower encouragement for one another. Live alone? Gift one of these to a friend and have all the love notes pre-filled in (like Bobby did for me). Then give them strict instructions to only tear off one a day, no peeking.

I also think these would make a great supplement to a wedding present.

Or sneak one into your best friend’s shower and write a note whenever you’re over at their house.

Get one for yourself and write some welcoming words anytime you have an overnight guest stay with you.

I’m telling you, the possibilities are endless!

Showers were just taken to a whole new level, yeah?

Let’s go out and spread some love!