I f you’re into antiques and treasures…and if you’re looking to put an adventure on your Bucket List…and/or if you’re in the market for an old carousel horse…then have I got JUST THE THING for you! The Brimfield Antique Show. It’s awesome.

(I realize that carousel horse looks like it belongs in a horror movie. Don’t worry, we didn’t purchase it.)

I first heard about this extravaganza through Martha Stewart. I think she did a tiny feature in her magazine at some point and I tucked it away in my brain. Then I forgot about it until Bobby and I were having dinner with some family friends who have an extraordinary house. Everywhere I turned there were one-of-a-kind antiques and collections. I couldn’t get over it and was gushing to the wife about how much I loved their style. Then she gave me their secret: the Brimfield Antique Show.

It happens three times a year in Brimfield, Massachusetts. Sellers from all over bring their wares to sell in fields and giant tents. It’s like the biggest flea market you’ve ever seen. Bobby and I went to the show in July and then were so hooked that we went again last week. (Actually, our visit in July resulted in the purchase of our lovely air plants! Something for everyone at this show, even the gardeners in the crowd.)

Seeing as we move every six months, and seeing as we go crazy for vintage finds, this was an extreme exercise in self control. I mean, it doesn’t matter how great that bulky, character-filled tool box may be – there’s no way we will be pulling it behind the Prius down to Florida. (But seriously, how good would this be for organizing vintage stamps?)

At one point, we stumbled upon a sea of leather chairs. Literally row upon row of gorgeous, broken-in, antique leather chairs. Bobby has had a chair like this on the top of his wish list FOREVER.

We basically tried out all of the chairs and envisioned sitting in our imaginary study with a crackling fire and book-lined walls. Bobby fell in love with a stunning chair, built in France in 1910. You just melted right into it. It would be PERFECT in that imaginary study!

Then we returned to reality and remembered that we live in a shared house in Vermont with the world’s tiniest bedroom and in Miami where a crackling fire would be the last thing you would want. And then there’s always that annoying, small logistical detail of transporting a heavy chair back and forth. Bah humbug.

Someday, chair, someday.

So we didn’t get a chair but we DID get this amazing puzzle of the world in a vintage box from Tiffany’s!

We had a fun mini-date putting it together. All the pieces were there, so big time score!

Eventually I’ll figure out a way to mount it so we can hang it on our wall and remember how we met while sailing around the world.

We also bought this super old Mobilgas pump!

NOT. But we could have, and that’s half of the fun.

However, we did manage to procure some vintage post cards, a few old children’s books that I’ll somehow incorporate into some extreme crafting, and a great old golf book for Bobby’s future golf shop.

Ready to see the two finds I’m most excited about? Your Biggest Fan officially owns a vintage fan now. And it’s in working condition! Bam, how good is that?!

We also stumbled upon a working typewriter for $33 from the nicest sellers you’d ever meet. I’ve been wanting a typewriter for awhile and this one seemed perfect. (Actually, we own a beautiful one but it has a dry ribbon and it also happens to be tucked away in a storage unit in New Orleans. Both considerable barriers for me putting it to use right now.) The nice couple sold it to us for an even $30.

I’m incorporating it into my mail art and creating some card and envelope designs that I really love. Some of them will definitely be in my upcoming Etsy shop…in the meantime, though, here’s a sneak peak.

How did typewriters ever go out of style? They’re the coolest!

So Brimfield was good to us. We’ll certainly go back next year – and if you’re anything like us, you should plan on it at some point, too!