W hile I usually post on Sundays, today is Pi Day. And we’re not talking just any Pi Day but the ULTIMATE Pi Day. When that comes along, you drop absolutely everything – to-do lists, blog posts schedules, home repairs – and you celebrate like pie is going out of style. (Which it’s not. Because pie is delicious. But you know what I mean.)

My always-informed mother alerted me to this noteworthy occasion a few days ago. I’m sure many of you are aware that March 14th is Pi Day since it’s numerical version is 3-14. Since we are currently in the year 2015, though, the date is 3-14-15. And when you take pi out to four decimal points, it’s 3.1415. But wait! There’s more! At 9:26:53 it gets even better – because then we can take pi out to NINE decimal points. 3.141592653. If you missed cheering this morning, you can always do it tonight! Let’s all scream pi out to as many decimals as we can as loudly as we can, yeah?

This is a big deal. They’re making t-shirts about this! They’re having parades! (Okay, I made that up – but they should have parades about this.)

This will not happen for another 100 years when it’s 2115. GO LIVE IT UP, PEOPLE!!!

For our little Miami celebration, I made one of our all-time favorite recipes: lemon icebox pie. We first tasted this southern delicacy at our favorite New Orleans restaurant (Cafe Degas) and have been hooked ever since.

If YOU would like to make a pie to celebrate, I’d highly recommend this lemony treat. If you buy the pre-made graham cracker crust, it honestly takes all of 15-20 minutes to pull together. This recipe on Epicurious is perfection.

Go do some math! Go eat some pie! Go do math AS you eat pie! Or you can just eat and shout out random numbers. That’s what Bobby and I will be doing.

See you on Monday, math whizzes!