A while back, I spoke of plans to create nightstands out of the vintage crates that Bobby and I found during our antiquing adventures. Well, the nightstands have been serving their duty to the best of their ability and they’ve been relentlessly reminding me that they have earned a post.

This project was literally so easy that I don’t know if I can legitimately title it as a DIY. More like, “a 5 minute activity for anyone versed in the action of stacking objects.” Five minutes is even pushing it – this only takes that long if you get really particular about the angle of the crates and rearrange them once or twice…otherwise, you’ll probably be done in a glorious 60 to 120 seconds.

The magic in this project really lies in finding the right crates. Once you’ve done that part, everything else is simple.

The sunflowers aren’t permanent fixtures, but the lamp is. We thought the cork went well with the industrial look of the crates.

Here is Bobby’s side of the bed. Thus, the golf book that he’s studying.

It’s nice that his crates have a little more depth to them so they are able to serve as a bookshelf for us.

For additional book storage, we put this large yellow “tool box” of sorts at the foot of the bed – another gem of a find from Stone Age Antiques. I was in love with the sunny color from the first second I saw it.

This yellow box is nice for multiple reasons – while it serves the obvious and necessary function of housing some of our books (good thing most of our books are in storage in New Orleans right now…I’m not sure what we’d do otherwise), it also perfectly fills up the extra space that had been at the foot of our pallet bed. Seeing as there was NO WAY that we were going to saw off the ends of the pallets and deal with that headache, it was the happiest of coincidences that the dimensions of this wooden box fit so snuggly.

The bedroom is coming together! I have yet to decorate the walls, but oh man do I have a great vision for it. Stay tuned!