Y es, we have a winner. Yes, there was a contest. Yes, it has taken me quite some time to compose this follow-up so it is quite possible that you don’t remember said-contest if you are a regular reader. SO as a refresher, here is the post that started it all, detailing the hilarious viral photos of people in Target dragging mountains of shopping baskets behind them.

I had promised a piece of folk-art to the brave soul who was willing to take their own hilarious picture within the walls of Target and partake in this cultural phenomenon. Within less than 48 hours, I had a winner:

It’s MY LITTLE BROTHER, WILLIAM! (Accomplice: my mom, who took the photos.)

I almost spit out my drink when these pictures were texted to me. So much hilarity. Upon reflection, I realized I shouldn’t have been surprised in the slightest that William and my mom were quick to the draw – after all, this is the same family who wears pilgrim costumes for Thanksgiving and has been known to don elf costumes at Christmas. I was glad to see the Nixon spirit continues in William.

As promised, I sent Will the Winner a genuine piece of watercolor folk-art.

Aren’t these camels the best?

So three cheers for gutsy William (and my mom, of course). William, I love being in your family! I’m your biggest fan!