…my family can shake it with the best of them.

(Please excuse the first 30 seconds or so…the video flips and corrects itself after that.)

Some background for you: this wedding dance was top secret. I choreographed it, begged and pleaded for my family to learn it during the zero-down time we had leading up to the wedding, and didn’t even alert our photographers that anything special was going to happen. Bobby wasn’t even allowed to see our practice sessions.

This dance was going to be so epic that I just KNEW everyone would whip out their phones and start filming. I didn’t need to have a specific person filming because everyone was going to be doing it on their own accord. Duh. It would go viral.

Well, turns out I should have assigned someone to film because I couldn’t find a single person who had gotten the whole dance on camera. For 2 1/2 years, I carried this as one of my biggest regrets in life. (OK, I realize that this is pretty cushy when your biggest regret is not having a 3 minute video to look at – but for an avid I-document-everything kind of person like me, it was crushing to think that I didn’t have this moment captured for the ages.)

But, lo and behold, my former roommate’s fiance had filmed the whole thing! How had this escaped me for so long?!? So here it is, finally, in all its glory. Feel free to booty shake along with us…